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Cell Phone Recycling

Cell Phone Recycling and Wireless Telephone Recycling

One in three people will actually replace their cell phone every year, which results in millions of unused phones waiting to be discarded or recycled. The safe disposal of old company cell phones is one of the USA’s largest areas for concern but provides one of the best opportunities for collective recycling. Our Cell Phone Disposal and Recycling Plan helps you or your business dispose of your cell phones easily, our aim is to make the process of throwing away your cell phone pain Free.

Electronics Disposal Service or CLICK HERE to arrange for your cell phones to be recycled.

Why Should I Recycle My Cell Phone and Wireless Telephones

You are making a difference to our environment and the planet when you choose to recycle your cell phone. We will dispose of your phone in a ECO friendly way. Millions of used cell phones are thrown into the trash each year as newer models reach the marketplace. By recycling you are ensuring they don’t end up in the ground where they can pollute our water supplies and cause damage to life itself.

What Happens to the Numbers, Pictures and Data Files in my Cell Phone if I Recycle?

If you have not already deleted the information in your cell phone before you send it to us don’t worry we clear the memory of the phone by running it through a high magnetic field (EMF). This process destroys any data in the cell phone. Our recycling and disposal center offers advanced security services for cell phone and computer recycling. Electronics Disposal Service for more information or click here to ask us where to send us your old telephones and cell phones for recycling.

How to Join a Cell Phone Recycling or Wireless Phone Recycling Program?

If you want to do what’s right and want to recycle your cell phone we can help. We de-manufacture cell phones so that materials can be reclaimed from circuit boards and alloys. You never know the phone you throw away today might end up being part of the phone you use in the future. To recycle you cell phone simply Electronics Disposal Service or CLICK to send us a message.

Cell Phone and Rechargeable Battery Recycling Laws

State Laws in NJ, NY (and NYC), PA and surrounding States in the North East (USA) have now decreed it illegal to dispose of old cell phones in the trash. Cell Phones have been classified as hazardous electronic equipment due to toxins found in the battery and circuitry. A recycled cell phone is one less hazard for us to worry about polluting our State. That’s why we at the New Jersey Electronics Recycling and Disposal Center help you get rid of your old cell phones by not throwing them away. Instead our recycle first landfill FREE cell phone disposal policy ensures a brighter solution for us and generations to come. We accept old computers, telephones, printers and just about any e-waste from most States, “not just New Jersey” so please call us today or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

If you are asking “where do we get rid of our old cell phones” the answer is the ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ – doing our bit for our State and our neighbours.
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