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Printer Disposal and Recycling

Where to Dispose of Old Printers and Cartridges
Recycling Old Office Printers and Cartridges

Welcome to the New Jersey’s Recycling and Disposal Service for Printers, Copiers, Toner and Ink Cartridges. It’s not just New Jersey we recycle for, we also take junk printers and cartridges for NYC, NY State, PA, Long Island and surrounding States. If you or your business has just 1 or 1000 old unwanted or broken printers we are here to help get them recycled the right way. Most States in the North East have now made it law to recycle junk printers, so don’t throw printers or cartridges away with the ordinary trash call us instead.

Reasons to Recycle Old Printers, Toners and Cartridges

You probably knew that dumping printers into the trash meant that they would end up in a landfill site. Once buried deep in the ground toxic pollutants would leak into the earth, entering the water tables, becoming harmful to human and wild life. That is why here at the ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ we operate a landfill FREE PRINTER DISPOSAL by recycling.
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How to Recycle a Printer, Toner or Ink Cartridge

The words ‘printer disposal’ has now been replaced by ‘printer recycle’, recyclers as a rule take a part each printer by hand, this process is called “de-manufacturing”. Each separated component of an old or disused printer is then sorted into its material type e.g. plastic, alloy, ferrous metal, wire and circuit boards. These materials are then reclaimed so they can be reused in new products. From product to trash to product the life cycle of recycled printers is endless, apart from the benefits of saving valuable resources, recycling is also the most ECO friendly way to dispose of your offices old computers, electronics and printing equipment.

Our Disposal Center Recycles All Makes and Models of Printers and Cartridges

Listed below are a few of the most popular brand name printers that we recycle:

  • Printer and Cartridge Recycling for Brother Printers

  • Canon Cartridge and Printer Machine Recycling

  • Dell Disposal and Recycling Services Including PC Disposal

  • Printer and Cartridge Recycling for Epson Printers

  • HP Cartridge, Printer, Fax Recycling Including Computer Recycling

  • Recyclers for Kodak Printer Products

  • Konica Minolta Printer Disposal Services

  • Lexmark Cartridge and Printer Machine Recycling

  • Disposing of Panasonic Products via Recycling

  • Disposal Services for Samsung Products Including Computer Recycling

  • Sharp Printer and Copier Disposed of via Recycling

  • Xerox Printer and Copier Disposed of via Recycling

To Organize a Collection or ask for a List of Pick-Up Partners, Drop-in locations or enquire about Postal options Printing Equipment Disposal Service or Printer Recycling and Disposal Services to send us a question.

Disposal and Recycling for Cartridges and Copiers
Printer, Copier, Fax, Toner and Cartridge Disposal & Recycling for New Jersey, New York and NYC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Surrounding States
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