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Photocopier Disposal and Copier Recycling

Where to Dispose of Old Printers and Cartridges
Where to Dispose of Old Photocopiers?

Is your business or firm looking for someone to get rid of your old copier? Our recycling depot is here to help you. Copier Recycling and Disposal Service. Using a recycler to collect and dispose of your old office copier is the most ECO friendly method of printer electronics and computer equipment disposal. Our recycling service provides a worry FREE Photocopier Disposal Service for clients in New Jersey, New York (including NYC), Penn, CT and neighbouring States.

Disposing of Unwanted Copiers and Printing Equipment.

Reasons to recycle computer and printing electronics are bountiful; there are millions of tons of e-waste including old copiers getting trashed each year. We at the New Jersey Recycling and Disposal Center don’t just dispose of your old unwanted office equipment and copiers we recycle their metals, plastics and glass components. Waste FREE Copier and Computer Electronics Disposal is our mission. Copier Recycling and Disposal Service to arrange a collection.

Recycling Process

If you have a considerable number of electronics, printers, computers and copiers you need disposing of you are more than welcome to call us and arrange a viewing of our Newtech Recycling Facilities, you’ll see how all e-waste is managed and disposed of in a clean and ECO aware way. Our State approved Newtech Recycling service provider also offers data destruction and CRT disposal by using advanced recycling technology CLICK HERE to visit their website http://www.newtechrecycling .com

Makes and Model of Photocopiers for Disposal

All makes of photocopier can be recycled; it’s a time consuming process as each machine needs to be taken apart by hand and separated into its composite plastics, alloys, and glass. We reclaim everything from circuitry, circuit boards, wires and just about every bit that can be recycled for future use in manufacturing.

Collections, Pick-Up Partners, Drop-ins and Postal Can all be arranged or learnt about by calling or you can simply CLICK HERE and send us a message or question or Copier Recycling and Disposal Service

Disposal and Recycling for Cartridges and Copiers

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