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How do I dump old electronics?

How do we dump our old electronics” is a question we get asked everyday along with:
“Where do we dispose of old computers?”
“What do I need to do to recycle our offices PC’s?”
“Who can collect old broken equipment?”
“Are you a recycler that covers New York City (NYC) as well as New Jersey?”
“Who recycles cell phones and TV’s”
“What happens to the hard-drives is the data destroyed properly?”

When you call our recycling head quarters in New Jersey from any other State in the USA and even Canada we always be ready to help with your questions. Our recycling facility is designed to manage just about any electrical device you or your office has. We work with some of the world’s largest businesses and manufactures from pharmacuticals to circuit board manufactures right down to the local resident that just wants to have his PC or cell recycled. Electrical Hardware and E-Waste Recycling or feel free to Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services and send us a message and we’ll contact you back.

Laws on electronics recycling

The new law - the Electronic Waste Recycling Act bans the disposal of applicable electronic devices and component parts as solid waste.

Many people and businesses don't realize that their television sets and computers are veritable compendiums of the periodic table. The circuit boards, batteries and liquid crystal displays and cathode ray tubes produce a threat to health and the environment if not disposed of correctly. The new law makes it as ease to dispose of these products as it has become to purchase them.

The State of New Jersey has now joined California, Connecticut, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington as States that have passed laws to control e-waste and support the recycling of electronic products and equipment.

The law ensures that manufacturers and residents use safe and environmentally-sound management practices when discarding unwanted electronics. This law takes effect immediately – Please contact the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center to arrange the collection of your unwanted, old or junk electronics and computing devices.

Electrical Hardware and E-Waste Recycling or Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services to send us a request for help or a question about arranging a collection.

WE RECYCLE: Circuit Boards Computers Camera Equipment Machinery Servers Power Packs TV Sets Monitors Flat Screen and CRT Printer Cartridges Laser Printers Toners Copiers WE DISPOSE OF IT ALL! CPU keyboard mouse scanner external drive tape drive battery backup (UPS or power supply).

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