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Where do I get rid of my junk electronics

Need to get rid of computers, monitors, hardware and electronic devices?

Welcome to the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center, we provide a full range of services including collection, data formatting and recycling of old or scrap electronics.

Electronics Disposal Service– To Ask a QUESTION about Electronics Disposal and Recycling in the USA please CLICK HERE.

Need to get rid of your offices PC’s, Printers, Copier, Telephone Systems?

If you need to get rid of your offices E-Waste don’t throw away your old PC’s, Printers, Monitors and Copiers we’ll pick them up. It’s illegal to dump or throw away broken or old electronics and computer hardware into the trash. Our head quarters are in New Jersey, but we also provide Electronics Disposal & Recycling services for New York including Manhattan so Electronics Disposal Service or Click This link to send us a question or to arrange a collection.

Looking to get rid of old electronics and computers

We operate a Landfill Free disposal and recycling service for old electronics and computers. Our recycling and disposal center is one of the biggest Nationwide and our recycling technology is the most advanced that the world has to offer. As a leading Recycler we provide electronics disposal services that not only allow you to get rid of unwanted or old computers but also allows for the safe disposing of CRT monitors, electrical equipment and machinery. We even collect industrial and manufacturing scrap from circuit boards to scrap metals and E-Waste.

If it’s electronic we can recycle it THANK YOU for doing your bit Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services to arrange a collection.

Who can collect my old electronics and hardware?

We employ highly trained and experienced de-manufacturing engineers that disassemble any electronic equipment at your location and transport it directly to our recycling plant in New Jersey. We also offer HD wiping and data destruction services so you don’t have to worry about security or business interruption.

Electronics Disposal Service or alternatively click this link to ask us a question or arrange a pick-up time.

Electronics Disposal & Recycling for New Jersey, New York and NYC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Surrounding States
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