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Collection Service for Electronics Disposal

Residents can drop-in, post or attend one of our many recycling events. Manufactures are welcome to visit our recycling and electronics disposal plants to see how we dispose of e-waste; we also offer a dismantlement and shipment service if needed. Business and Firms wishing to dispose of electronic devices such as laptops, telephones, mainframes, computers and cell phones please contact us for assistance. Organizations, schools, colleges, universities and governmental agencies please ask for our State facility services.

Electrical Hardware and E-Waste Recycling or to ask a question about collection Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services.

How to dispose of old electronics

What type of old electronics do you have? We dispose of tons of circuit boards, CRT monitors, computers, wires and electrical cables, cell phones, servers and scrap metals along with every type of imaginable e-waste on a daily basis. If you need to know how to dispose of old electronics or office equipment such as networks of computers and cables then please contact us – these devices cannot be disposed of via conventional methods.

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Electronics Recycling Service

What is an electronics recycling service? In short millions of tons of electronics each year were being dumped into the ground. Apart from the obvious issues that arise from landfill sites it was discovered that electronics ranging from toner cartages to TV’s contained elements that had the potential to pollute our drinking water. Scary News! As a result local governments have banded together to get State Laws passed that prevent this problem by introducing a recycle disposal system. This effectively gives you the option to dispose of electronics via recycling which either means taking apart and reclaiming or giving to a recycler that might recondition the machinery for reuse.

Electronics Recycling Laws

Recycling Laws are being introduced right across the Nation, this nationwide realization that old electronics can be damaging to the ECO system unless disposed of properly has come into being in the Nic-of-Time.

Laws on electronic and computer dumping

Many businesses and manufacturers were concerned that a block on dumping electronics might reduce their productivity but in fact quite the opposite has occurred. Recyclers such as the Tri State wide ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ have helped remove the pain by providing a faultless collection and recycling service. This high standard disposal service means that businesses and manufacturers can get on with what they need to be doing without any distractions. Furthermore the recycling process of de-manufacturing has created countless new jobs all of which are paid for by reclaiming recycled metals and other such materials that can be reused in the manufacturing of new products, computers and electronic equipment.

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