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The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Electronic Waste

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The best way to get rid of electronic waste depends on the type of e-waste you need disposing of. In New Jersey, NJ, NY (NYC New York City), CT, MA, PA, MI it is illegal to throw electronic waste out with the trash. Although PC’s, Computer hardware, monitors, telephones, toner cartridges, printers and faxes are harmless to use they do contain materials that are harmful if not disposed of correctly. Our Disposal Service adheres to Recycling Laws for the Tri State Area including NJ, NY, NYC New York City, CT, MA, PA, MI. These recycling laws were written and passed to ensure that electronics are no-longer dumped but instead recycled. Recycling is the best way to get rid of your electronic waste because toxic materials from computers, monitors and printing consumables are kept out of landfills by reclaiming their composite material through melting or chemical extraction techniques.

Where to throw away electronics

Do not throw away electronics it is an illegal – we will simply collect them or you can drop them in to us, we even offer postal services for all shape and size of unwanted or used electronics.

Electronics Disposal Service or if it’s out of our hours Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services to send us a message and we’ll contact you.

Who collects old electronics?

Our Recycling and Disposal Facility is one of the biggest in the North East USA and is based in New Jersey. We have drop-in points and collection partners in New York, New York City (NYC Manhattan) Pennsylvania PA, Delaware, Maryland, CT, MA, MI.

Electronics Disposal Service or send us a message and we’ll contact you Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services

Dispose of broken electronics

Broken, Old, Used, Unused, Obsolete Electronics or anything with a plug or has had an electrical current run through it is recyclable. Disposing of broken electronics is no different from disposing of working electronics, computers, hardware or printers. We provide 3 options for disposal:

  1. Recycled by de-manufacturing (taking apart) and melting down or materials reclaiming.

  2. Refurbished Recycling by cleaning and fixing for reuse (best way to recycle is to reuse)

  3. Donation, we also provide a service of donating working grade equipment.

All services come with our data protection service which is designed to wipe all data, information and files from Hard-Drives, Cell Phones and memory of digital equipment.

We Help Keep Your State Clean Electrical Hardware and E-Waste Recycling NJ or send us a message and we’ll contact you Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services

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