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To arrange a collection of Outdated, Obsolete or Broken Computer Screens call our New Jersey Computer Screen Disposal Center today Computer Monitor Recyclers NJ

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Why use a Computer Screen Disposal Center why not just throw old computer screens into the trash or garbage dumpster?

  1. The State of New Jersey has decreed it illegal to dump Computer Screen

  2. Computer screen disposal is banned from landfills in the state of New Jersey

  3. Dumping trash computer screens into a dumpster is illegal

  4. Old computer screens that us CRT technology are hazardous the environment

  5. Lead and toxins found in the center of CRT computer screens can result in poisoning your water supplies

  6. Computer screen disposal centers requires expert e-waste management licensing

  7. An authorised computer screen disposal center will demanufacture old CRT’s and recycle their materials

  8. Using a computer screen disposal center will prevent your old monitors ending up in a land fill.

Contact us and ask about our Computer Screen Disposal Center, we provide collections / Pick Ups of all sizes, types and quantity of computer screens and monitors. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

Alternately click here and send us a message, Computer Screen Disposal Center NJ.

For laws and legislation about the illegal dumping of electronic equipment can be found at:

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  6. Arrange a collection or ask a question about computer screen centers

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