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A Mounting Environmental ProblemMonitor Recyclers

It is a legal requirement that any hazardous waste, including the disposal of monitor screen equipment, is regulated. If your organization or company is planning on the disposal of even 1 monitor screen per year, you will need to use a recycling company capable of safe monitor disposal, in accordance with the State directive. The New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center can take care of all types of monitor disposal for you Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

Our facilities have been developed with efficient procedures for ensuring that we can organize the effective disposal of computer monitor equipment for your company. This involves adherence to all the State guidelines, making sure that it is environmentally friendly recycling rather than straight disposal of monitor equipment.

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We are very proud of our customer service levels as we hope you’ll find out starts right at first enquiry. We will fix an appointment to come to your premises to discuss how we can organize disposal of monitor equipment that ensures you comply with the latest regulations, painlessly.

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We Provide Disposal Services for the Following Monitor Types:

  • CRT Monitor Disposal
  • Flat Screen Monitor Disposal
  • Computer Monitor Disposal
  • PC Monitor Disposal
  • Laptop Monitor Disposal
  • Security Monitor Disposal
  • Scientific Equipment Monitor Disposal
  • Research Monitor Disposal
  • Home Computer Monitor Disposal
  • Office Monitor Disposal
  • Wide Screen Monitor Disposal
  • LED Monitor Disposal
  • TV Monitor Disposal
  • Black and White Monitor Disposal
  • Color Monitor Disposal
  • VGA Monitor Disposal
  • SVGA Monitor Disposal
  • Large Monitor Disposal
  • 3” to 52" Monitor Screen Disposal
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