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Computer Screen Recycling Center NJ

Call our New Jersey Computer Screen Recycling & Disposal Center today to arrange a pick-up of all your unwanted or old monitors.MONITOR DISPOSAL

Computer screen sizes accepted for recycling:

  • Computer screen from 4” to 7” (accepted at NJ Recycling Center)
  • Computer screen from 8” to 17” (accepted at NJ Recycling Center)
  • Computer screen from 18” to 42” (accepted at NJ Recycling Center)

For any Computer Screens smaller or larger than the above specified please contact our Computer Screen Recycling Center in New Jersey on: Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ
Alternately click here and send us a message, Computer Screen Recycling Center NJ.

We cover all Counties in New Jersey & encourage open day events at:

1. Newark Recycling Green Day Events
2. Jersey City Recycling Green Day Events
3. Paterson Recycling Green Day Events
4. Elizabeth Recycling Green Day Events
5. Edison Recycling Green Day Events
6. Toms River Recycling Green Day Events
7. Trenton Recycling Green Day Events
8. Clifton Recycling Green Day Events
9. Camden Recycling Green Day Events
10. Brick Township Recycling Green Day Events
11. Cherry Hill Recycling Green Day Events

Our Computer Screen Recycling Center promotes the highest and finest standards of computer screen and electronic equipment recycling. Our New Jersey based computer screen recycling facility recycles unusable items to keep them out of landfills. We can also re-use computer screens that are still working, keeping them out of the pollution cycle.

We RECYCLE first and foremost. We take ALL Business & Home ELECTRONICS with a battery or plug, working and NON working, including large appliances. We support ZERO waste by recycling & specialize in the safe disposal of computer screens adhering strictly to NJ Computer Screen Recycling legislation & laws. We offer FREE drop-off. Business pickups and we can help with shipping, collection & dismantlement services.

Our Computer Screen Recycling Center provides special help for nonprofits & schools in the State of New Jersey. Our Computer Screen Recycling Center specializes in safe & regulated computer & electronics disposal for Corporate Entities, Accountancy Firms, Legal Firms, Medical, Health Care, Research Organizations & Businesses in the New Jersey area.

HOW MUCH? How many COMPUTER SCREENS or MONITORS do you need disposing of? To ask for help or organize a quote or collection please call us today and ask about our Computer Screen Recycling Centers service packages for NJ. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

Alternately click here and send a message to the Computer Screen Recycling Center NJ.

DID YOU KNOW: U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) - Reports that 3 Million pounds PER DAY of electronics and computer equipment such as Computer Screens are taken out-of-service. Find out more at

Thanks for doing your part to RECYCLE FIRST by using our NJ Computer Screen Recycling Center, you are making New Jersey an e-waste free State!

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