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To arrange a collection of your old, unwanted or broken Computer Monitor Screens call our New Jersey CRT Computer Monitor Disposal & Recycling Center today.Computer Screen Recyclers NJ

Information & help about the requirements for safe recycling of computer monitors & CRT (cathode ray tube) screens:

  • It is now illegal in New Jersey to throw computer monitors & screens into the trash.

  • Computer screens and CRT monitors must be recycled by an authorised body.

  • We are a fully authorized Computer Screen Recycler in New Jersey.

  • New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center is one of the biggest Computer Screen Recyclers in the State.

  • As a Computer Screen Recycler the ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ provides a full circle collection & disposal service.

  • By using a recognised Recycler of Computer Screens you will be ensuring we live in a better, cleaner environment for generations to come.

To ask for help or organize a collection please call us today and ask about our Computer Screen Recycler service for NJ.
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Computer Monitor Disposal, CRT Disposal & Monitor Recycling in New Jersey

A lot of computer monitors contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs) which can contain large amounts of lead. Studies estimated that as many as 300 million Computer Screens from PC monitors, server screens & TV’s would have been heading towards our landfills in 2007. Conservatively, that’s close to a billion pounds of lead in landfills that could potentially pollute our ground water supplies.

As a result the State of New Jersey has made it illegal to dump electronics into the trash, instead you, your business, school, organisation or institution is required to use a Computer Screen Recycler. New Jersey CRT Computer Monitor Disposal & Recycling Center offers an alternative to landfill monitor disposal, recycling monitors through a cutting edge technology driven demanufacturing process. As NJ’s Full-Service Environmentally Licensed computer screen recycler we operate to the highest standards & subsequently have been awarded a NJDEP Air Permit. Being an authorised computer screen recycler we are able to offer at our facility in NJ support, help and the safe disposal of all computer screens in a controlled recycling environment. Computer Screen Recycling insures that all computers, monitors and electronics received are processed and recycled in an environmentally correct manner that is in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

As a full service partner, New Jersey CRT Computer Monitor Disposal & Recycling Center offers our clients responsible computer screen recycling and disposal. Added services include disconnection, packing and computer and computer screen removal from your business location. Our full package service lets you get on with necessary business operations and leaves the e-waste to a Computer Screen Recycler that has yours & the State interest at heart.

Computer Screen Recycling is our Business, we are here to help: Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

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