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New Jersey adopted a “first in the nation” approach to reuse and recycle discarded computer screens and monitors. Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs for short), the leaded glass picture tubes found in computer monitors and screens, are now banned from disposal in New Jersey waste combustors and landfills due to their high lead content.

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CRTs are banned from New Jersey landfills and waste combustors

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With faster, better computer screens flooding the market, millions of older computer screens and monitor are destined for the trash. The New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center for ‘computer screen disposal’ estimated that as many as 250 million computers will have become made obsolete in 2007. In New Jersey alone, thousands of tons of computer screens are being disposed, recycled, or placed in storage each year. These old, unwanted computer screens would have added unacceptable strain to an already limited landfill space.

In addition, CRT monitors and TVs can contain 4 pounds of lead held in the glass. Excessive lead and other toxins pose a problem in landfills because they can leak into groundwater or, in the case of a lined landfill, force expensive treatments. To prevent these toxins being released into the environment we at the ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ specialize in alternative methods of safe Computer Screen Disposal.

The Computer Screen Disposal Process:

  1. the casing around the CRT computer screen is removed and sent off to be recycled
  2. the CRT computer screen is then cleaned
  3. the CRT computer screen is then cut in half
  4. the two half of the computer screen and then separated
  5. one half of the computer screen is recycled
  6. the other half is then cleaned to remove toxins
  7. all materials are recycled

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