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NEW JERSEY Computer Monitor Disposal

The best way to dispose of computer monitors is to donate them for re-use or to have them dismantled to the point that their core materials recycled (reclaimed).Computer Monitor Recycling Center

Computer monitor disposal dismantlement (de-manufacturing) is a manually intensive process and requires a large workforce of highly skilled recyclers to dismantle each monitor by hand.

When it comes time for you or your organization to throw away old computer monitor screens you’ll need to find an authorized computer monitor disposal service provider. In New Jersey it is a criminal offence to throw away CRT monitors and other electronics, Computer monitor disposal must be managed by a computer monitor disposal company.

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Why Choose the ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’?

  1. Computer Monitor Disposal is our area of expertise.
  2. Our Computer Monitor Disposal facility in New Jersey is State approved
  3. We operate a NO LANDFILL POLICY
  4. We accept all sizes of Computer Monitors for Disposal

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You don’t have to use us for the disposal of your old computer monitors but we are confident that our level of service and customer support takes the pain out of computer monitor disposal. Listed below are some alternative recyclers:

* Apple recycling program
* Dell recycling program
* Epson recycling program
* Gateway recycling program
* Hewlett Packard recycling program
* IBM / Lenovo recycling program
* Lexmark recycling program
* NEC recycling program

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