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Why is it important to keep landfills FREE of computers by Recycling them?Computer Recycling and Disposal Service

Disposing of computers and other such electronics is a controversial subject matter in New Jersey. Many of us just think “Who do I need to call to have my Obsolete Office Equipment and Old Computers taken away”. Once the call is made and our computers, monitors and electronics are picked up we do-not-tend to contemplate further about what’s happening to them. Granted you need to know that the hard-drives have been wiped clean and the data destroyed but other than that what actually happens to the machine and monitor screen itself is rarely given a second thought. It use to be that computers and their monitors where never recycled but simply dropped into massive landfills. However concerns grew when it was discovered that toxic materials held in computers and monitors might actually escape into our water supplies, causing damage to health if not endangering life itself. That’s why the State of New Jersey passed several laws prohibiting the dumping of waste computer equipment into landfills (now known as e-waste).

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How to Dispose of Old Computers Safely?

You have heard the term “Recycle Computers” but what does it actually mean; simply put, if you want to dispose of personal or office computers and equipment you need to have it taken apart (de-manufactured) so that all the materials can be melted down and reclaimed (recycled). When you choose to recycle a computer it means that the old computer and its screen stay out of the landfill.

How do I Recycle our Computers?

Processing old computers and their screens is manually time consuming, the State of New Jersey doesn’t expect you to sit there with a screw driver taking apart every junk computer you have. Instead if you want to recycle computers you simply Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ and will pick them up. Keeping you FREE to run your business and keeping landfills FREE of computer trash.

Is it really safe to Recycle Computers?

There are many good ‘Reasons to Recycle Computers’ but by far the best reason is the safety factor. It is predicted that next year millions of computers will become obsolete in New Jersey, this equates to tons of toxic materials that unless treated properly could be incredibly dangerous to the population. That is why here at the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center we take our work very seriously. If you want to recycle computers there’s no safer way of doing it – Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or click here to arrange a Pick Up for the SAFE DISPOSAL of your UNWANTED COMPUTERS.

What are the electronic disposal laws for computer recycling?

You can visit the New Jersey State website for information of disposal and recycling laws:

If you want us to recycle computers for you, your company or organisation we are happy to offer you a fully certified service. We hold both environmental and air permits for our recycling plant in New Jersey.

Wondering where to get rid of your old, unwanted computers or are you asking yourself “how can I recycle my computer”?

Our NJ E-Waste Recycling Center is open for you to drop in anything you want to recycle, we also have drop in points around the Tri-State area, click on the CONTACT US link for more information. Are you thinking “How do I send you my computer via post” simple call us and we’ll send you our mailing kit for Recyclers. Are you thinking “Where can I organize a removal or pick-up service” again no problem just call us and we’ll arrange a collection.

Don’t throw your old PC into the trash RECYCLE your COMPUTERS instead! Keep Landfills FREE - Computer Disposal the right way.

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