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Over 250 Million PC’s where considered obsolete last year so where do people go when they want to get rid of their old PC’s? How can you ensure that your old PC’s are being recycled and not dumped in landfills? Is PC Recycling the best option for data security and data destruction?

Looking to get rid of your old PC’s – here at the ‘Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ we accept personal computers and office PC’s. Our disposal and PC recycling center offers a full range of facilities that ensure your old PC is fully dismantled so that all of its composite materials can be recycled, we guarantee to keep our promise of Landfill FREE PC RECYCLING. You will probably delete all private and business files before sending us your PC for recycling but just as for added security we provide a full DATA destruction service that includes software purging and electromagnetic pulse formatting. We pledge to you that in the PC recycling process no data is left, not even in the RAM.

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New York has one of the highest concentrations of PC’s in the USA, if all the old PC’s were thrown away into the trash it would take 25 million dumpsters to manage the e-waste each year. Crazy isn’t it!!! Well think what was happening to old, obsolete and unwanted PC’s, can you believe that they were being dumped into Landfills. Not any more, it’s now mandatory to recycle all PC’s and other such hardware in New York.

What does PC recycling involve? Simple we collect your junk PC’s and recycle the materials, this means taking apart each PC, separating the plastic from the alloy and then reclaiming everything from the metals in the circuits to the plastic around the PC. It’s not an easy job but we have one of best equipped and staffed PC recycling facilities in the East Coast. Protect yourself and your company from NY State Recycling Laws by recycling PC’s the right way – we can help with a pain FREE PC RECYCLING SERVICE!


Pennsylvanian recyclers are united in keeping the state clean, paper, card, glass and now PC’s can all be recycled, keeping the landfills free of PC’s by Recycling the right way. Our Pennsylvania PC Recycling Service collects all old unwanted or trash PC Hardware and recycles it in one of the largest recycling facilities in New Jersey. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or instead click here to arrange a pickup of PC’s you want recycled.


Our PC Recycling Facility offers disposal, and recycling solutions for surplus, retired, off lease, obsolete and no longer wanted PC and computing hardware. Safe PC disposal and PC recycling is a service which takes the stress out of e-waste management. We are on time and budget, removing PC’s from your premises swiftly, leaving you to run your business without distraction. Our PC recycling program provides data security by hard drive sterilization that is well above Department of Defense (DOD ) standards. Hard drive DATA destruction removes all possibility of DATA recovery so you don’t have to worry about files or business critical computer information left on your PC’s.

Being a Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center client allows you to focus on your work and not worry about the legal problems that might have occurred from not recycling your PC’s correctly. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

Reasons to Recycle PC & Computing Equipment

  1. PC Screens and Monitors contain Toxic materials that unless recycled could end up polluting our water supplies.

  2. The Sates of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland require by law that your old PC’s are recycled.

  3. PC Recycling is good for the economy in materials reclaiming, manufacturing, export and new job creation.

  4. You are doing your bit for the planet, PC Recycling is eco friendly

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