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PC Disposal for New Jersey and the USA

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The headquarters for the one of the fastest growing Electronics Disposal & Recycling Centers in the USA is in New Jersey. However the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center collects and disposes of old PC’s from most the other States. This amazing recycling and PC disposal facility holds some of the most advanced data destruction and CRT processing equipment in the USA and what’s more accepts old or unwanted PC’s directly from businesses and members of the public. If you or your business is in need of PC disposal services PC Disposal for New Jersey and the USA or to e-mail a question about PC disposal or arrange a pick up CLICK HERE.


PC disposal and PC recycling nowadays mean exactly the same thing. In the State of New Jersey, New York and Tri State area new Recycling Laws have decreed it illegal to dispose of unwanted, obsolete PC’s into the trash or landfill sites. Computer & PC hardware now all need to be recycled at electronic disposal centers. Recycling involves taking apart PC Hardware & Monitors so that their materials can be reclaimed, this is call demanufacturing. This process of PC disposal means that nothing goes to waste, electronic waste or E-Waste was one of the man contributing factors to land and water pollution. So when you send your PC’s to the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center you are actually doing your bit for the environment. When your business or you become a Green Recycler via PC Recycling (PC disposal method) you are also contributing to one of Americas fastest grown green industries, which means that as well as being green you are helping the US economy.

For our PC Disposal Service PC Disposal for New Jersey and the USA


  • Laptop Disposal

  • Workstations Disposal

  • Server Disposal

  • Mainframes Disposal

  • Apple Macs Disposal

  • Monitors Disposal

  • CRT Screens Disposal

  • Keyboard Disposal

  • Anything with a Plug


Keeping landfills FREE via PC Disposal does come at a small cost but nothing to break the bank. The first cost is generated from having to collect the PC’s you want disposing of. Then each PC, Monitor and Keyboard will be taken apart manually to ensure nothing goes to waste. This process also generates a small cost. If your firm, organization or business has special data destruction requirements then additional services dealing with this need can also be offered but you’ll find the overall process of PC Disposal and E-Waste management extremely cost effective.

PC Disposal for New Jersey and the USA

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