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PC Recyclers in New Jersey & the Tri State Area

Leading the future of PC Recycling in NJPC Recyclers in New Jersey & the Tri State Area

There is an extraordinary demand for PC Recyclers’ to provide a fully cycle service, being a PC Recycler in New Jersey, New York, Penn, Philadelphia & Maryland means you need to be accredited. Our PC relcycing and disposal centers hold environmentally State approved accreditation and also holds membership to the ‘International Association of Electronics Recyclers’ specializing as a certified PC Recycler.

For help disposing of your personal, business, firms or company’s unwanted PC’s hassle FREE PC RECYCLER or click here to send us a message, your #1 hassle FREE PC RECYCLER.

PC Recyclers for Home

Are you thinking “I need a PC Recycler to dispose of my home PC” then look no further we can help, call us today for help organize a drop-in or dispatch.

PC Recyclers for Businesses

Are you in charge of disposing or getting rid of your offices old PC’s, working in a Firm, Partnership or Corporation and need guidance on PC Recycling & Disposal then hassle FREE PC RECYCLER. We manage the needs of hundreds of companies and businesses that need our services as a PC Recycler. We are a PC Recycler that will FREE you of worry or stress, managing all your e-waste needs, making the process of PC disposal effortless hassle FREE PC RECYCLER.

PC Recyclers for Institutions

Are you responsible for the safe and secure disposal for hundreds of PC’s and computer hardware devices including old CRT monitors. The ‘New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ can help; we are one of the largest PC Recyclers in the North East of America. We have collection points throughout NY, NJ, PA, CT and most other States in the area. You are welcome to arrange a visit to see our electronics and disposal facilities at work. Data Destruction, demanufacturing is just part of a full PC Recycler Service, we even offer dismantling and taking away your unwanted PC’s, computing systems, networks and office electronics. TELEPHONE

Please be aware that we offer special PC Disposal & Data Destruction Services for:

  • Law Firms & Legal Practices – attorneys and lawyers in need of PC Recyclers

  • Accounting Firms & Audit Practices – accountants and auditors in need of PC Recyclers

  • Small Office in need of PC Recyclers

  • Medium Sized Businesses in need of PC Recyclers

  • Regulated Companies in need of PC Recyclers

  • Scientific Research Agencies in need of PC Recyclers

  • Pharmaceutical Enterprises in need of PC Recyclers

PC Recyclers for Governmental Organizations

Worried about the data held on old PC’s that you want disposed of? Don’t be, our PC Recyclers program ensures that any and all PC’s scheduled for recycling undergo a rigorous data cleansing process. DATA destruction is just part of our security procedure when you choose us as your PC recycler. Each hard drive is removed from its PC casing after the hardware is DATA purged (including the RAM). Each hard drive is then run through a massively powerful electromagnetic field which totally obliterates the PC’s old drive. This Hard Drive DATA Destruction procedure is well beyond any standards offered by PC Recyclers around the world. NEW JERSEY Computer Disposal and Recycling Center

Leading PC Recyclers in New Jersey & the Tri State Area

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