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Where can I Donate old Computers?

How can I Donate My Computer?Computer Recycling and Disposal Service

If you are thinking “how do I donate my computer” they you’ve already realized that the best way to ensure your business meets the New Jersey recycling regulations and disposal laws is to simply donate your computers. The New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center offers all businesses & residents of New Jersey and the Tri-State area a ‘full package computer donation service’. The service includes pick-ups, data wipe (wiping all data from Hard Drives & RAM) plus reconditioning if needed. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or if you want to ask us a question about donating your computer you send us a message by clicking here.

How do I Ensure the DATA on our Hard-Drives is Wiped Clean?

At our NJ – Tri-State disposal and recycling facility we hold cutting edge technology especially designed to wipe your computers harddrive clean of ALL data. RAM can also hold date so we clean that too to ensure any computer you send us is DATA FREE before we process it! We respect your privacy and all of our recycling and donation clients are given our vow of confidentiality. Your businesses can rest easy in the knowledge that any information on a computer will be destroyed as part of our DATA DESTRUCTION program.

Is Donating a Computer Better for the Environment

YES DONATING COMPUTERS IS BETTER FOR THE ENVIROMENT. New Jersey has passed new laws and regulations in relation to computer, CRT and electronics disposal. What better way to stop old, unwanted, broken or working but no longer used computers out of the trash than to donate them?

If I Donate Computers Who Will Get Them?

If you have a charity or school in mind we can clean up your old computers and donate them on your behalf. Children, students, libraries, can all benefit from your generosity, donating a computer is not just a charitable gift it’s a major help to others in need.

Are there any Laws on Computer Disposal or Donation?

Computer Disposal has to adhere to NJ State Laws; however there are no laws if you just want to donate your computer. Donation is usually the simplest way to dispose of old PC’s, unwanted computers and obsolete servers. As a New Jersey certified recycler of electronics and computer equipment including computer monitors and CRT screens recycle we are able to help remove the pain of computer disposal or donation. We provide a simple, solution that ensures all recycling regulations and disposal laws are met without causing any business disruption to you. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or click here to arrange a collection, computer donation made simple.

Listed below are a few websites that provide more information about Computer disposal, donation, and recycle information relating to the New Jersey Recycling & Electronics Disposal Laws.

How to dispose of computers other than donating them:

We can recycle your computers, PC’s, workstations, servers and laptops to ensure that all your e-waste needs are kept Hassel FREE. People usually ask us the following:

Can you dispose of our computer equipment safely – the answer is YES

Can you ensure the our office computers data is destroyed – the answer is YES

Can you pick up our old computers, pc’s, monitors and office equipment including copiers – the answer is YES

Can you recycle other electronics not just computers – the answer is YES

Can you help with the disposing of large numbers of computers, keyboards and monitors - the answer is YES

Can you help small businesses, institutions and residents recycle their computer equipment – the answer is YES

Can you receive unwanted computers at your recycling and disposal Facility - the answer is YES

Can you help us donate our working but unwanted computers, keyboards & monitors - the answer is YES

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