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I want to donate our PC’s who can I donate my PC to? Computer Recycling and Disposal Service

Did you know the best way to recycle us to re-use, your old PC’s might be obsolete but there’s always someone that would benefit from having them. A school, library, charity or low income families would all gratefully take your old, unwanted computer equipment and PC’s.

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I want to donate our PC’s but I’m worried about our sensitive data on the hard drives?

Donating your PC doesn’t mean giving all the business data and files on your hard drives as well, you’ll be relieved to hear. At our Computer and Electronics Recycling Center (HQ is in New Jersey) we collect and process all your old donated PC’s for data wiping. Our data destruction process ensures that each and every hard drive is totally wiped clean of any business information, files and any other data. This means that when you donate a PC the recipient will receive a blank or new hard drive that is totally data free.

I want to donate, how do I send our old PC’s?

You can send them or drop them in or have them collected by the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center. We operate PC drop in centers for recycling, disposal and donating throughout most States in the North East (USA). New Jersey is where our largest recycling plant is but please contact us to find out where our nearest PC drop in disposal center is to you. If you have more than two or three PC’s we can collect them from your location

donating or to arrange a collection of you old PC’s or alternatively click here to send us a question about PC donating or to arrange a collection of you old PC’s.

Is donating a PC better for the ECO system

If you choose to donate your PC or office PC’s you are directly helping keep any electronics that are not recyclable out of a landfill. REUSE always wins of RECYCLE but eventually your old PC will need to be recycled. Our disposal and recycling services are the most advanced in the country, we have specially designed equipment so of which was invented here in the USA and other equipment designed and built in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. We are able to recycle 99% of just about any PC and PC monitor. So if you are unsure about donating a PC then contact us about our PC disposal and recycling facilities and services we are glad to help.

donating old PCs and Computers or alternatively click here to send us a question about PC donating or PC Recycling.

What PC donations do you run?

We can donate PC’s to anyone you would like provided they have been passed by our safety inspectors first. We can also help recondition old PC’s before donating them if you so wish. As a rule of thumb we usually donate PC’s to the more needed in our communities however we also run special PC donation programs for the following sectors if you’d like to choose one please let us know:

  1. Donate PC’s to the handicap

  2. Donate PC’s to schools

  3. Donate PC’s to colleges

  4. Donate PC’s to universities

  5. Donate PC’s to small businesses starting up

  6. Donate PC’s to ethic and minority groups

  7. Donate PC’s to libraries

  8. Donate PC’s to low income families

  9. Donate PC’s to new skills and ‘back to work’ training centers

  10. Donate PC’s to orphanages

  11. Donate PC’s to churches

  12. Donate PC’s to community centers

  13. Donate PC’s to disadvantaged people

  14. Donate PC’s to people with learning difficulties

  15. Donate PC’s back into the business community (doing your bit to help the economy)

donating old PCs and Computers

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