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Where to Dispose of Computers in New Jersey and the Tri-State area

  1. Where to dispose of computers?

  2. Where is the computer disposal facility?

  3. Where can I dispose of our office computers?

  4. Where do I take my old, unwanted computer or PC?

  5. Who do I need to get rid of our computers, monitors, office and electronic equipment?

  6. Who does data destruction for PC’s that need recycling?

  7. What are the Electronic Disposal Laws?

  8. I need someone to safely dispose of old, obsolete, unwanted computers and E-Waste?

  9. Landfill FREE disposal and recycling of computers.

  10. Can I Throw E-Waste into the Trash or do I need a recycling Service to dispose of my old computers

Above is listed the ‘Top Ten’ most frequently typed search phrases that people use to find our website. If you’ve used one of the above search phrases and are now looking at this page then WELCOME to the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center, we dispose of computers and all your unwanted, old electronics, hopefully that’s what you need help with?

If you are looking for someone to dispose of your computers Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ and we will arrange a collection service to pick up any computers you want to dispose of. We work with the people and businesses of New Jersey to keep the State FREE of electronic waste (e-waste) and operate one of the largest computer disposal centers in NJ and the Tri-State area; here’s a picture of one of our processing plants:

For pickups or drop-in information Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

Or Click Here and send us a message about disposing of your old Computers in NJ and the TRI-STATE AREA

Who will take our waste office electronic equipment including computers and dispose of it?

Our ‘Computer Disposal Team’ will! If you need to dispose of computers and need help disassembling racks, networks or just help with the removal our team can help. Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or click here to send us a message or to ask a question about disposing of computers.

How to Dispose of Computers whilst ensuring all hard-drive data is destroyed?

That’s easy, every computer has it’s hard drive removed, the hard drive undergoes a software purge which wipes all the data away. After the purge the Hard Drive is sent through a high intensity magnetic field which just like the EMP serge created by a nuclear explosion totally, TOTALLY Destroys all Hard Drive Data & Memory. There is nothing like it or anything better for ensuring data destruction. To learn more or to request our help Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

Why dispose of computers (PC’s Servers & Workstations) through the recycling processes

If you were given the choice to dig a hole and throw your old computer into it or instead be given a screwdriver and told to take your computer apart so that its raw materials could be melted down and reused what choice would you take? Dumping your computers into a hole would be quicker but did you know that computer equipment and monitors contain dangerous toxins? These toxins can seep out into our water and end up causing serious health problems. If you choose to dispose of your computers via recycling you are ensuring that no toxins escape into the environment. Obviously you do not have the time to dismantle your offices computer equipment so that presents the question “where can people dispose of computers & office electronics for FREE in New Jersey”?


Disposing of computers through recycling is obviously better than dumping them into landfills but what’s the cost? Well the collection costs still remain but you also have the added cost of demanufacturing (dismantling) e-waste. Taking computers apart is a manually intensive part of the recycling process, which is good because it creates jobs but it costs more money. That said if you dispose of your computer in New Jersey we can reclaim the materials which helps keep the cost down, FREE Computer disposal is still a long way off but affordable recycling is what we aim for. Call the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center to dispose of your computers we will provide a FREE quote and work out the most cost effective method of collecting and recycling your computers.Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

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