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Introduction to Computer Disposal in NJ, NY & PAComputer Recycling and Disposal Service

As a New Jersey State Recommended Electronics Recycling & Disposal Facility, Center and Service provider we offer special demanufacturing State Electronics Recycling Programs and Policies. The idea of computer disposal might sound daunting but we have gone to considerable effort to remove any interruption that computer disposal might have on your life or business. Our organization is designed to make computer disposal as painless as possible. Entrusted by the State of New Jersey we run all our computer disposal services through environmentally accredited recycling & disposal facilities. Find out how simple it is; Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or send us a message / question about computer disposal CLICK HERE.

  • Information about properly disposing of your computer equipment in New Jersey and Tri State Area
  • Working computers and non working computers are accepted at our recycling plants
  • As part of our computer disposal program we can collect all unwanted electronics from your premises
  • Our disposal centers hold full ‘regulator recycling facility’ status for computers and monitor disposal
  • The computer disposal service includes the full dismantlement of all circuit boards & electronics
  • All hard drives have their data wiped clean and are destroyed via EMP (TOTAL DATA DESTRUCTION SERVICE)
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The disposal process for computers requires full dismantlement not just of the electronics:

When you choose the ‘New Jersey Computer Disposal & Recycling Service’ your choosing a highly trained organization that specializes in the eco friendly safe demanufacture of all electronics including computers, keyboards, copiers, monitors and just about any device with a plug on it.

The demanufacture process means that computers are fully dismantled so that all the materials are recycled not just the electronics and circuit boards but the plastics, glass, alloys and cables can also be reclaimed. E-waste FREE Computer Disposal means landfills are FREE of any toxins or pollutants that might be found in computer hardware.

Toxin FREE Computer Hardware Disposal

Did you know that batteries are used in today’s computer hardware and other electronics? It is important to ensure when disposing of computer hardware that these batteries are properly and safely processed otherwise they can be toxic to the environment. There are now over 500 recycling laws in the United States and not disposing of the batteries and computer hardware appropriately may cost you or your company dearly.

Make sure you protect yourself, your company and your environmentCall Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ or click here to ask us a question about our Computer Hardware Disposal Service, Pain Free Computer Hardware Disposal!

New Jersey NJ State Recycling and Computer Hardware Disposal Laws:

New York NY State Recycling and Computer Hardware Disposal Laws:

Pennsylvania PA State Recycling and Computer Hardware Disposal Laws:

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