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Computer Recycling in New Jersey

Helping keep our environment FREE & clean of toxins via safe Computer Disposal through materials recyclingComputer Recycling and Disposal Service

Did you know that if you want to get rid of old, unwanted or obsolete computers you have to comply with new State regulations? Computers contain many materials which can be toxic to life, which is why the State of New Jersey has made it illegal to dump computers into the trash or landfills.

As a State certified computer recycling facility the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center can assist you in the collection and safe disposal of your office and home computers. We take apart (demanufacture) all shape, size and specification of computers so that all the electronic waste (e-waste) materials can be recycled.

Computer recycling means that your old computer is safely destroyed and all the metals & plastics are reclaimed. Computer recycling also means that all e-waste is kept out of landfills in turn helping keep our environment a cleaner, safe place to live.

To arrange a pickup or ask about our computer recycling service in New Jersey and the Tri-State area Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

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100% E-Waste FREE, via our Computer Recycling e-Waste Disposal Management Program in NJ

New & Easy Drop Off Service, 6am - 6pm at our Computer Recycling Centers

Collection Services for any and all old computers your business needs recycling (scrapping) Zero Landfill Policy - our green & clean method of computer recycling means your adhering to New Jersey legislations of computer dumping

We can also help with the safe disposing and recycling of all Computers, Printers, Monitors & Telephone & office Equipment

Using the Computer Recycling Center takes the pain out of computer disposal (Friendly No Fuss Service)

We hold a NJ Certificate for recycling meaning you are dealing with a fully certified professional Computer Recycling Business.

Our Computer Recycling Service is listed with IAER; "International Association of Electronics Recyclers "

Pickups throughout the Tri-State area, can be arranged for all computing equipment in need of recycling (disposal)

What is E-Waste?

E-Waste is anything with batteries or a plug that you want to throw into the trash, dumpster or get rid of. E-Waste Computer Recycling refers to Eco Friendly Disposal of all types of Computers and Electronic Equipment, Including:

Computer Monitor Recycling
P.C.'s, Laptops, Notebooks Recycling
Hard-drive data destruction
Mini Frame Computer Recycling
Recycling of Server and Main frame Computers
Disposal and recycling of Power Supplies
Recycling of all Computer Hubs, Routers, Switches
Recycling of all Computer Peripherals
Stripping and Recycling of PCB's and Cables
Recycling of Workstation and Terminals
Hardware Recycling
Recycling of all Computer Devices

If you have something that’s not listed then provided it has a plug or uses electricity it’s more than likely we will be able to recycle it Call Us Today for Computer Screen Recyclers - NJ

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