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About The New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center Disposal & Recycling Center

Here at the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center we pride ourselves on being one of the most rapidly growing electronics & computer disposal businesses in New Jersey. We are highly focused on providing a professional disposal service that offers data security assurance with a full hard-drive data destruction service. Our environmentally sound disposal and recycling practices for any electrical appliance, device or equipment including CRT monitor computer recycling is fully certified by the State of New Jersey. We support both the business world and domestic markets, helping everyone from schools, legal firms, accountants, governmental organizations and so many other different sectors to dispose of their junk or trashed PC’s, servers, networks and electronics.

Our reputation is built on professionalism, no short cuts are taken and every client is given the recycling red carpet treatment. When you use the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center you are making the best choice in protecting your organization or business from legal liabilities whilst at the same time doing your bit for the environment.

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